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Read ebook Wellies and Westies by Cressida McLaughlin FB2, DJV, TXT, AZW

Author: Cressida McLaughlin
Publisher: London : Harper, 2015.
ISBNISSN: 9780008135201, 0008135207
Genre: Electronic books, Fiction
Notes: 1 online resource.
Responsibility: Wellies and Westies

Eight and a half ghosts --
Eleven and a half ghosts. Verkorte weergave van het gelijknamige boek. - London : Century. - Engels gesproken. Een vrouwelijke detective wordt van verlof teruggeroepen om te assisteren bij het onderzoek naar de dood van een levend begraven jonge, zwangere vrouw die behoorde tot een sekte-achtige commune op een boerderij in Georgia Bibliogr. p. 249-272. Reprod. de la ed. de: New York : Oxford University Press, 1933. V. 1. General naval policy and defense. --
v. 2-3. Diplomatic activities. --
v. 4-5. Combat operations. --
v. 6. Administration. --
v. 7. Personnel. --
v. 8. Social history & The Navy and science. --
v. 9. The Navy and science. --
v. 10. Vessels. Vol. 1. General naval policy and defense --
Vol. 2-3. Diplomatic activities --
Vol. 4-5. Combat operations --
Vol. 6. Administration --
Vol. 7. Personnel --
Vol. 8. Social history and The navy and science --
Vol. 9. The navy and science --
Vol. 10. Vessels. EPUB. Summer 1923, and as the village of Queensferry prepares for the annual Ferry Fair and the walk of the Burry Man, feelings are running high. With his pagan greenery, his lucky pennies and the nips of whisky he is treated to wherever he goes, the Burry Man has much to offend stricter souls like the minister or temperance pamphleteer. And then at the Fair, in full view of everyone -- including Dandy Gilver, invited to hand out the prizes -- the Burry Man falls down dead. If he has been poisoned then the list of suspects includes anyone with a bottle of whisky in the house, and, here at Queensferry, that means just about everyone. Bibliogr. p. 121-123. Differential diagnosis step by step. Differential diagnosis by the trees. Differential diagnosis by the tables. DSM-IV-TR symptom index. Appendix: DSM-IV-TR classification. The vertical world --
Grades and ratings --
Placements --
Aid slings & weighting placements --
Leading --
Following pitches --
Multi-pitch routes --
Hauling --
Multi-day routes --
Advanced aid techniques --
First ascents --
Solo techniques --
Styles and ethics --
Appendix 1: Yosemite climbs --
Appendix 2: gear checklist --
Appendix 3: climbing areas --
Appendix 4: suppliers --
Appendix 5: guides --
Glossary. A complete guide to climbing the largest, most sheer rock faces in the world, entertainingly written by two of the most experienced climbers in the history of the sport. Collective title from title page verso.
Editions vary.
Teacher's guides and Get set for school co-authored by Emily F. Knapton. [gr. pre-k.] Pre-k teacher's guide --
[gr. pre-k.] Get set for school --
[gr. k.] Kindergarten teacher's guide --
[gr. k.] Letters and numbers for me --
[gr. 1.] 1st grade printing teacher's guide --
[gr. 1.] My printing book --
[gr. 2.] 2nd grade printing teacher's guide --
[gr. 2.] Printing power --
[gr. 3.] 3rd grade cursive teacher's guide --
[gr. 3.] Cursive handwriting --
[gr. 4.] 4th grade cursive teacher's guide --
[gr. 4.] Cursive success. Handwriting fluency is fundamental to all areas of elementary education, because children think and write at the same time. When we teach children to write, we also teach them to express themselves. If they struggle with their letters, their ability to express themselves will suffer. Spelling and math will also be affected. Adopting high-quality standards for handwriting in elementary education can help all children in your school or district succeed. The history of retailing --
Types of retail businesses --
What to expect as a business owner --
Skills for success --
Experimenting with retail sales --
Organizing your business --
Buying an existing store --
Buying a retail franchise --
Starting from scratch --
Financing your business --
Writing a business plan --
Before you open --
Accounting and bookkeeping --
Budgeting and operational management --
Using technolgoy --
Marketing and advertising --
Understanding the retail customer --
Sales techniques --
Suppliers and service providers --
Employee relations and labor costs --
Your changing business --
Leaving the business. Notes bibliogr. Historic seeds --
Setting the stage --
The curtain rises --
Jackson-Vanik : the elusive search for an economic lever --
Dropping out --
Of human rights --
The Soviet Jewry question during the Reagan years --
Free at last --
Afterthoughts. Introduction. Development of special dyes for electro-optical applications. Data Organic Colorants. Spiro compounds, Ferrocene, Fluorenone, Fulgide, Imidazole, Phenazine, Phenothiazine (dye number 00001-06011). Polyene (dye number 10001-17020). Azo compounds (dye number 20001-28202). Quinone (dye number 30001-38042). Indigo (dye number 40001a-44051). Diphenylmethane, Triphenylmethane (dye number 50001-55112). Polymethine (dye number 60001-67616). Acridine, Acridinone, Carbostyril, Coumarin, Diphenylamine, quinacridone, Quinophthalone, Phenoxazine, Phthaloperinone (dye number 70001-76407). Porphine, Chlorophyll, Phthalocyanine (dye number 80001-83015). Others (dye number 90001-91601). Index to chemical compounds. Index to molecular formulas. Index to absorption maxima. Index to end use of dyes. "An easy to follow, step by step system to understand and create sophisticated piano arrangements and/or orchestrations. Ideal for any musician who wants to play or write notes that are not found on the printed page!"--Couverture. "In Michael Clinton's earlier books - all travel photography - he has shown us the world in context, in long shots that describe people, places and things/architecture and design objects. In Closer he looks at the world through a telescopic lens, honing in on specifics to people, their cultures and their environments. An impulse item for the photographic and travel aficionado, this book is just a fun read."--Publisher description. Bibl.:p.266-272. Comprend un index. ED 12955 Presents "indubitable proof that, even if Peary did reach the Pole, his scientific and navigational records were so inadequate that his claim should be revoked." Preface; Acknowledgments; 1. Introduction: The Relationship between People and Pets; 2. The Everyday Dog Owner: Knowing and Living with Dogs; 3. The Guide Dog Owner: Dependence and Love; 4. The Veterinarian: Caring for Canine Patients; 5. The Guide Dog Trainer: Understanding and Teaching Dogs; 6. Animal Abilities and Human-Animal Interaction; Notes; References; Index. Includes index. Adoption--Infertile woman offers to let her husband impregnate someone else --
Alone--War survivor has to get used to being alone when husband deported --
Alzheimer's--Man won't abandon wife into assisted living center; he keeps her at home --
Anesthesia--Man was awakened from his anesthesia overdose by sound of beloved voice --
Animal--Man with severe injury remembers his wilder days; now he is jealous of his wife --
Argentina--Children and parents choose between their two cultures and family is split --
Arthritis--Elderly Peruvian lady with arthritis is told she "walks like a Mexican bandit" --
Artificial Life--Man admires his aged mother's recovery on hospital burn unit --
Auto Tech--Mexican man feels ripped off; returns to Guadalajara for auto tech training --
Back--Injured man has trouble understanding Labor and Industries program --
Beatings--Battered Mexican woman gets cancer; still hopes for change --
Bible--Man explains how he struggles with the devil to read the Bible better --
Big--Large Salvadoran lady gets plenty of attention from Latinos on the street --
Book--Woman wants to write a book about U.S. experience, warning others not to come --
Braces--Mother and son are stuck in braces when husband is laid off and loses insurance --
Breast--Indian woman argues with doctor to get her newborn to breast and bless him --
Bro--Brother explains why he's so eager to cheer his sister-in-law on during childbirth --
Brother--Honduran brother-in-law moves in to care for wife while husband out of town --
Bullet--Mexican man remembers how he was shot in the head by his pregnant girlfriend --
Calendar Boy--Disappointed/bragging father whose son quit school to be calendar boy --
Chains--Lonely professional woman feels invisible; only known as a nanny now --
Charity Care--Man whose wife has cancer finds out about Charity Care program --
Cholo--Grandma tells about baggy-pants boy who married her disabled granddaughter --
Choose--Married Mexican man with girlfriend has to choose between women --
Church--Women invite interpreter to attend church with them --
Class--South American man regrets having married his lower class countrywoman --
Classes--Mother takes parenting classes to learn how to control her temper --
Crossing--Woman with cancer tells about crossing the border with her grandchildren --
Daughter--Dad comes to terms with having daughter--instead of son--during labor --
Dear Mami--Letter from dead baby to grieving mother, thanking her for his short life --
Death--Pregnant woman has near-death experience as she gets infection and loses her baby --
Deer--Salvadoran grandson wouldn't mind Grandma back home; reunited with her in U.S. --
Diabetes--Pregnant mom with diabetes talks about how she lost her first child to disease --
Doctor--Man with bad surgery outcome regrets he ever went to the doctor originally --
Dog--Mother-in-law explains how men need space to be comfortable in a marriage --
Donors--Grandma has many potential donors, but would prefer her husband's kidney --
Down's--Father of newborn with Down's syndrome upset that doctor didn't explain better --
Economist--University student is saved from being gang-raped when she is recognized --
Eighteen--Young married woman wonders why everyone mad at her for being pregnant --
Embroidery--Mexican woman working in U.S. factory misses warmth of family home --
English--Woman has to help her Puerto Rican boyfriend propose to her in Spanish --
Epilepsy--Uninsured man with uncontrolled seizures wonders if there might be a cure --
Example--Christian father explains how his family is an example to others in community --
Expense--Grandpa leaves hospital against medical advice when janitor tells him the cost --
Eye Doctor--Mother tells how painful it is to watch rough doctor handling her son --
Fallopian Tubes--Housekeeper pays cash to straighten Fallopian tubes --
Family--Large family from eastern Washington in Seattle hospital waiting room --
Family Bed--Mom talks about Latino families sleeping together in big, cozy group --
Farm--Man fishes in Alaska to save up to buy his own farm in Mexico and get a wife --
Father and Mother--New dad spoonfeeds new mother, since her family is far away --
Fifteen--Man laments that his fifteen-year-old wife seems too young to become a mother --
Finally--Seventy-three-year-old man explains how he is the father of a twenty-year-old son --
Five Years--Birthing mother remembers interpreter who was more than family --
Follow-Up--Man calls Public Health to get catheter removed when no one will treat him --
Froggie--Woman remembers how neighbor arranged for her kidnapping for ransom --
Frown--Unhappy hypochondriac wants to buy a happy face to gain credibility --
Frustration--Mentally ill boy chokes another student to get his backpack back --
God--Mexican woman can't forgive abusive dad who "found God" in old age --
Good Try--Mexican soccer coach cannot understand why white parents yell "good try" --
Goodbye--Dying baby's heart keeps beating until dad holds baby in his arms --
Grandson--Child left behind wondered if his parents didn't want him --
Gratitude--Immigrant feels sad that so many citizens are ungrateful --
Greenery--Grandma talks about going into the forest to pick bouquet greenery --
Grief--Grieving sister thinks she must have had heart attack, cannot believe it was just grief --
Grumpy--Grumpy old man suffers at graveside service for his wife of sixty years --
Hard Work--Father bewildered by son's choice to forego hard work and attend college --
Healer--Healer disappointed that she cannot cure granddaughter's diabetes --
Heart--Eastern Washington heart patient amused at idiopathic cardiomyopathy diagnosis --
Heart Transplant--Man refuses heart transplant, prefers to keep his own heart and die --
High Protein--Couple informed that the mother's high protein may mean birth defects --
Home--Mother explains why they left their children in home country --
Hunger--Disabled man recalls childhood starvation, grateful his children have enough food --
Hurting Myself--Post-traumatic war victim tries to explain why suicide a relief --
Hysterectomy--Woman finds out after cancer treatment that she is permanently infertile --
Ice--Woman complains that drug and alcohol counselor is as cold as ice to her drinking husband --
Identity--IRS tries to get woman to pay double taxes when someone uses her ID --
Jalisco--Mexican woman compares poverty there and here--no money vs. no time --
Jealousy--Pregnant woman may miscarry after jealous fight with boyfriend leads to a fall --
Joking Around--Mexican father gets closer to son when they live alone together in U.S. --
Joy--Older mother enjoys childbirth so much she has symptoms of extreme joy during labor --
Junior--Father had a lot of dreams for his terminally ill son; it is wrenching to let him go --
Keeping House--Housewife talks about the joys of keeping a nice, clean house --
Knitting--Volunteer knitter for the Red Cross loves helping babies have hand-knit items --
Las Malvinas--Argentinean vows to never speak English after Falkland Islands attack --
Last Time--Mother frustrated when emergency room won't treat her son's cold symptoms --
Laughter--Joking woman with heart defect laughs her way through heart procedure --
Leukemia--Uncle is very angry that his young nephew has leukemia and no chance at this life --
Lie--Man gets up courage to confront past partner who infected him with the AIDS virus --
Living Will--Man due for surgery becomes anxious when asked to make a living will --
Low Class--Woman laments over embarrassing lover she has found in the United States --
Luck--Cancer patient feels she was lucky to be hit by a bus because it taught her patience --
Maid--Maid talks about how sad and lonely it is to be a hotel maid cleaning rooms in silence --
Memory--Man explains why social worker's advice to remember dead brother is inadequate --
Men Doctors--Woman did not like two young men poking around her private parts --
Miniskirt--Woman doesn't understand why her boyfriend wants her to dress sexy --
Miracle--Grandma prays for eye doctor to be able to keep helping others regain sight --
Mitten--Five family members want to share hotel room to support Grandma with cancer --
Mom--Woman misses mom while her husband pressures her to grow up and get over it --
Money--Wife regrets husband's prosperity, since he has become self-important --
Monopoly--Mexican complains about nationalized industries in Mexico --
Morphine--Grandpa on morphine flirts with hospital personnel --
Mother Mary--Mother prays to Virgin to convince Jesus to hear her prayers for baby --
Mother's Day--Furious Dad threatens son who only sends flowers on Mother's Day --
Nun--Would-be nun with bad knees married poor charity student and lives to regret it --
Nurses--Mexican woman is pleased at how the U.S. nurses treat her during childbirth --
Old Age--Grandma continues to have fun and dance in spite of grumpy Grandpa --
Once--Woman gets pregnant after having sex once, and chooses never to marry --
One Man--Son stays with Mom who never remarried when his father died --
Onion Stalk--Eastern Washington farmworker loses eyeball from onion stalk scratch --
Opening--Laboring mom recalls abuse, delays labor, then focuses back in on baby --
Patron Saint--Mom names ill baby after Saint, does rituals she promised to God --
Picture--Son buys his mom a color television, and she tapes his picture to it for all to see --
Plugged--School and hospital both push mother to get her son's ear "plugged" --
Pork--Mexican Mom has paralyzed baby who is now losing insurance --
Praying--Mexican minister getting fertility treatment, praying with wife for a baby --
Professional--Woman misses follow-up Pap smear because of pushy male interpreter --
Public Charge--Woman refuses assistance to avoid becoming public charge --
Pulling Teeth--Medical query seems repetitive to man who's never been to a doctor.