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Author: Karen A Romanko; Connor Moran; J E Stanley; Simon Logan; Gregory L Norris; G O Clark; Robert Borski; Rodello Santos; Ruth Berman; Daniel R Robichaud; Justin Howe; Greg Beatty; Sarah Brandel; Marlo Dianne; J S Bangs; Paul Abbamondi; Paul Milliken; Deborah P Kolodji; Martha J Allard; Vylar Kaftan; Robert A Desharnais; Lisa Morton; Donald Jacob Uitvlugt; Tony Pi; Bill Ward; J C Runolfson; Alex Dally MacFarlane; Craig Wolf; Lyn C A Gardner; Matt Betts; Cliff Winnig; Daniel Ausema
Publisher: Los Angeles, Calif. : Raven Electrick Ink, 2009.
ISBNISSN: 9780981964300, 0981964303
Genre: Horror poetry, Science fiction poetry, Fantasy fiction, Fantasy poetry, Horror tales, Science fiction, Fiction, Poetry
Notes: 166 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Responsibility: Cinema spec : tales of Hollywood and fantasy

Introduction / Karen A. Romanko --
Lori / Connor Moran --
The Precinct of night / J.E. Stanley --
Nuclear shadows / Simon Logan --
Creature double feature / Gregory L. Norris --
The Discovery in Roger Corman's trunk / G.O. Clark --
War at the bijou / Robert Borski --
Oracle in chains / Rodello Santos --
TV tea / Ruth Berman --
Bootleg images / Daniel R. Robichaud --
Nightmare's daughter / Justin Howe --
eventual, I / Greg Beatty --
A Life in pictures / Sarah Brandel --
Chiaroscuro / Marlo Dianne --
Screening of a silent film / J.S. Bangs --
Obmutescence / Paul Abbamondi --
Reel people : the extra's lament / Robert Borski --
Sundowner / Paul Milliken --
Camera obscura / Deborah P. Kolodji --
End of an era / Martha J. Allard --
Starshow / Vylar Kaftan --
Shadowdancer / Robert A. Desharnais --
The End / Lisa Morton --
Cineraku / Donald Jacob Uitvlugt --
The Shadow-witch / Tony Pi --
After sundown / Bill Ward --
Family movie / J.C. Runolfson --
Bright square flickering / Alex Dally MacFarlane --
Lost in the fun factory / Craig Wolf --
House 5 / Lyn C.A. Gardner --
Something with subtitles, maybe / Matt Betts --
Kraken's wake / Cliff Winnig --
City of facades / Daniel Ausema.
"Cinema spec : tales of Hollywood and fantasy views moving pictures in all their forms, real and imaginary, from shadow plays to classic films, from videocassettes to animated tattoos. 32 authors have contributed flash fiction, short stories, and poetry to the anthology, transporting us back to a time when flames flickered and paintings waltzed on cave walls, and forward to possible futures when the heavens themselves might serve as vidscreens. Along the way, we make multiple stops in Hollywood, the one we know and the one that could never exist, from 30s noir to extraterrestrial infiltration, from a magical 'gangland' to destruction after 'the big one.' Come join us in the dark"--Page 4 of cover.
The Constitutional Approach to EU LawArmin von Bogdandy and Jurgen BastPart I: Defining the Field of European Constitutional Law1. Founding PrinciplesArmin von Bogdandy2. Federalism and DemocracyStefan Oeter3. National Constitutional Law Relating to the European UnionChristoph Grabenwarter4. The Constitutional Role of International LawRobert Uerpmann-Wittzack5. Pouvoir Constituant-Constitution-ConstitutionalisationChristoph Moellers6. On FinalityUlrich HalternPart II: Institutional Issues7. The Political InstitutionsPhilipp Dann8. The Federal Order of CompetencesArmin von Bogdandy and Jurgen Bast9. Foreign AffairsDaniel Thym10. Legal Instruments and Judicial ProtectionJurgen Bast11. Multilevel Constitutional JurisdictionFranz C MayerPart III: The Legal Position of the Individual12. Union CitizenshipStefan Kadelbach13. Fundamental RightsJurgen Kuhling14. Fundamental FreedomsThorsten Kingreen15. The Area of Freedom, Security and JusticeJoerg MonarPart IV: The Constitution of the Social Order16 The Economic Constitution within the Internal MarketArmin Hatje17 The Labour ConstitutionFlorian Roedl18 Competition Law as Part of the European ConstitutionJosef DrexlPart V: Contending Visions of European Integration19 The European Union as a Federal Association of States and CitizensUlrich Everling20 The European Union of StatesPaul Kirchhof21 The Advantages of the European ConstitutionManfred Zuleeg To be used in conjunction with: Fire and emergency services company officer, 4th ed., 2007. "In association with TES Prime." Length --
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Volume --
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Weight --
Time --
Temperature. "Josh Howard and more than 30 of the hottest indie creators give their take on the big, bad ape man." Comics about Bigfoot and Yeti. Originally published: The foot of pride. Beacon Press, 1950; republished: Thy brother's blood. Hart Publishing Co., 1975. At head of title: Good housekeeping.
Includes index.
Formerly CIP. Reprint with a new pref. originally published : Inspire, 2007. Two teenagers who are living on the streets and barely getting by become involved in a complicated criminal plot, and make an unexpected connection with. Peeping Kong / by Josh Howard --
Little Bigfoot / by Andy "ND!" Genen --
Memoris of a Bigfoot / by Robin & Lawrence Etherington --
Sasquatch / by Benjamin & Marlena Hall --
Sawmill horror / by David Hartman --
Sasquatch vs. UFOs / by Greg Gatlin --
'Squatch / story by Christopher H. Wolf ; art by Sean Thornton --
Smallfoot / by Otis Frampton --
Night of the Sasquatch / story and art by Guy LeMay ; letters by Greg Gatlin --
--The Yeti / by Christopher Graybill --
Top of the world / story by Matthew McClean ; art by Josh Boulet ; letters, Greg Gatlin --
The primitive eternal / story by Alex Ness ; art by Paul Harmon ; letters by Greg Gatlin --
Heart Mountain, WY 1942 / by Tom Kurzanski --
Xtreme Bigfoot fighter!! / by Grant Gould --
When a fool loves a woman / by Mario Wytch & Mykal Adyms --
A Yeti tale / concept by Wes Molebash and then stolen and butchered by Pat Bussey --
The sitter / by Courtney Huddleston & Scott Zirkel --
Sasquatch & Timmy / stroy and art by Wes Molebash ; colors and letters by Justin Stewart --
Yeti / by Jason Martin --
Bloody forest of Sasquatch / by Bryan Baugh --
The hunt / by Josh Howard --
MonsterZ / created by Jessie Garza ; written by Jason M. Burns ; art by courtney Huddleston, colors by Nicc Balce ; letters by Wes Dzioba --
Pitch-forked / written by Neil Thompson & William Wilson ; art by Tone Rodriquez ; letters by Wes Dzioba --
An abominable Christmas / story by Jason M. Burns ; art by Frances Liddell ; letters by Greg Gatlin --
Teddy and the Yeti in "Presidents and precedence" / story by Jeff McClelland ; art by Duan Redhead ; letters by Brant W. Fowler --
Yeti another day / story by Nicc Balce & Andrew Gualberto ; art by Nicc Balce --
The good scout / story by P.J. Kryfko ; art by Martin Abel ; letters by Greg Gatlin --
The Sasquad / by Brian Thompson. Paperback. Instructional materials include lesson plans, tests, PowerPoint presentations, student applications, and administrative tools. Vladimir infiltrates the American ex-patriot community in the east European city of Prava with a pyramid scheme to defraud his compatriots. The operation starts successfully, but, later collapses. In order to re-establish himself, Vladimir must now discover his own identity. Introduction. A Short History of Cricket. The Little Matter of the Ashes. The English Game. England's Greats. Cricket in Australia. Cricket in South Africa. Cricket in the West Indies. Cricket in New Zealand. Cricket in India. Cricket in Pakistan. Cricket in Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. Six of the Best. The Great Teams. Cricket Crises and Controversies. Ladies and Gentlemen. The One-Day Game. Dollies and Doosras. So You Want to Be a Cricketer? So What Now? Index and Acknowledgements. History of modern whaling from 1846 to 1978. Shortened and updated version of a work originally published in Norwegian in 4 volumes under the title 'Den moderne hvalfangsts historie: opprinnelse og utvikling.' The comprehensive source references and notes have been omitted, but can be easily retrieved from the end of the same chapters in the Norwegian version. 1. Who was Nicolas Darvas? --
2. Understanding the game --
3. Thinking like Nicolas Darvas --
4. Entering the game --
5. Learning from losing --
6. How to manage your risk --
7. My Darvas stock trades --
8. Winning the game: so you want to trade like Nicolas Darvas? --
9. Rules. Reprint of the 1962 ed. published by Knopf, New York. Unabridged. Audio cassette read by Thora Hird.
Originally published: Bodley Head, 1981. Translation and shortened version of: Den moderne hvalfangsts historie. minimum: 16 MB of free memory; Windows 95/98/NT/2000; CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive; microphone (recommended).
10#Disc 1: Ten interactive English lessons Titel afkomstig van label. - Engelstalig. - Conversatielessen voor zelfstudie.