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Lake Tahoe bouldering by Kevin Swift; Chris McNamara Download book PDF, DOC, PRC, DJVU, RTF

Author: Kevin Swift; Chris McNamara
Publisher: Mill Valley, Calif. : SuperTopo, ©2006.
ISBNISSN: 0976523515, 9780976523512
Genre: Guidebooks
Notes: 183 pages : color illustrations, color maps ; 23 cm
Responsibility: Lake Tahoe bouldering
Other titles: SuperTopo Lake Tahoe bouldering

Highway 50 --
The secrets --
Echo Summit --
Meyers --
Highway 88 --
West Shore --
Tuckee Donner --

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Unabridged. I. Overview of attachment theory. The nature of the child's ties / Jude Cassidy --
Disruptions in attachment bonds : implications for theory, research, and clinical intervention / Roger Kobak and Stephanie Madsen --
Attachment, loss, and grief : Bowlby's views and current controversies / Phillip R. Shaver and R. Chris Fraley --
Individual differences in infant-caregiver attachment : conceptual and empirical aspects of security / Nancy S. Weinfield [and others] --
Internal working models in attachment relationships : elaborating a central construct in attachment theory / Inge Bretherton and Kristine A. Munholland --
II. Biological perspectives. Attachment theory within a modern evolutionary framework / Jeffry A. Simpson and Jay Belsky --
Psychobiological origins of infant attachment and its role in development / H. Jonathan Polan and Myron A. Hofer --
Attachment in rhesus monkeys / Stephen J. Suomi --
Attachment and temperament : additive and interactive influences on behavior, affect, and cognition during infancy and childhood / Brian E. Vaughn, Kelly K. Bost, and Marinus H. van IJzendoorn --
Studying the biology of human attachment / Nathan A. Fox and Amie Ashley Hane --
Toward a neuroscience of attachment / James A. Coan --
III. Attachment in infancy and childhood. Normative development : the ontogeny of attachment / Robert S. Marvin and Preston A. Britner --
Precursors of attachment security / Jay Belsky and R.M. Pasco Fearon --
Attachment relationships in the context of multiple caregivers / Carollee Howes and Susan Spieker --
The influence of early attachments on other relationships / Lisa J. Berlin, Jude Cassidy, and Karen Appleyard --
Early attachment and later development : familiar questions, new answers / Ross A. Thompson --
Attachment in middle childhood / Kathryn A. Kerns --
The measurement of attachment security and related constructs in infancy and early childhood / Judith Solomon and Carol George. IV. Attachment in adolescence and adulthood. The attachment system in adolescence / Joseph P. Allen --
Pair bonds as attachments : reevaluating the evidence / Debra Zeifman and Cindy Hazan --
Adult romantic attachment : developments in the study of couple relationships / Judith A. Feeney --
Same-sex romantic attachment / Jonathan J. Mohr --
Adult attachment and affect regulation / Mario Mikulincer and Phillip R. Shaver --
Attachment in middle and later life / Carol Magai --
The adult attachment interview : protocol, method of analysis, and empirical studies / Erik Hesse --
Measurement of individual differences in adolescent and adult attachment / Judith A. Crowell, R. Chris Fraley, and Phillip R. Shaver --
V. Psychopathology and clinical applications of attachment theory and research. Attachment and psychopathology in childhood / Michelle DeKlyen and Mark T. Greenberg --
Attachment disorganization : genetic factors, parenting contexts, and developmental transformation from infancy to adulthood / Karlen Lyons-Ruth and Deborah Jacobvitz --
Challenges to the development of attachment relationships faced by young children in foster and adoptive care / Mary Dozier and Michael Rutter --
Attachment and psychopathology in adulthood / Mary Dozier, K. Chase Stovall-McClough, and Kathleen E. Albus --
Prevention and intervention programs for supporting early attachment security / Lisa J. Berlin, Charles H. Zeanah, and Alicia F. Lieberman --
The implications of attachment theory and research for adult psychotherapy : research and clinical perspectives / Arietta Slade --
Psychoanalytic constructs and attachment theory and research / Peter Fonagy, George Gergely, and Mary Target --
Couple and family therapy : an attachment perspective / Susan M. Johnson --
VI. Systems, culture, and context. The caregiving system : a behavioral systems approach to parenting / Carol George and Judith Solomon --
A wider view of attachment and exploration : the influence of mothers and fathers on the development of psychological security from infancy to young adulthood / Karin Grossmann [and others] --
Cross-cultural patterns of attachment : universal and contextual dimensions / Marinus H. van IJzendoorn and Abraham Sagi-Schwartz --
Attachment and religious representations and behavior / Pehr Granqvist and Lee A. Kirkpatrick --
An attachment-theoretical perspective on divorce / Brooke C. Feeney and Joan K. Monin --
Implications of attachment theory and research for child care policies / Michael Rutter.