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Education for human development : understanding Montessori by Mario M Montessori Download ebook RTF, DOCX, DOC

Author: Mario M Montessori
Publisher: Oxford : Clio Press, 1999.
ISBNISSN: 1851091696, 9781851091690
Genre: Criticism, interpretation, etc
Notes: 117 pages ; 20 cm.
Responsibility: Education for human development : understanding Montessori
Edition: Print book : English
Spirit driven success --
The big picture and your part in it! --
The truth about money --
Receiving gifts of the spirit --
Creating unity in a diverse culture --
What kind of servant are you? --
Six tests to determine if you are ready for your gifts --
Becoming one of God's chosen --
Give generously --
Refiner's fire --
The weapons of our warfare - Facing your giants --
Your next step. "On the afternoon of 8 April 1802, in the remote southern ocean, two explorers had a remarkable chance encounter. Englishman Matthew Flinders and Frenchman Nicolas Baudin had been sent by their governments on the same quest: to explore the uncharted coast of the great south land and find out whether the west and east coasts, four thousand kilometres apart, were part of the same island. And so began the race to compile the definitive map of Australia. These men's journeys were the culmination of two hundred years of exploration of the region by the Dutch u most famously Abel Tasman u the Portuguese, the Spanish and by Englishmen such as the colourful pirate William Dampier and, of course, James Cook. The three-year voyages of Baudin and Flinders would see them endure terrible hardships in the spirit of discovery. They suffered scurvy and heat exhaustion, and Flinders was shipwrecked and imprisoned u always knowing he was competing with the French to produce the first map of this mysterious continent. Written from diaries and other first-hand accounts, this is the thrilling story of men whose drawings recorded countless previously unknown species and turned mythical creatures into real ones, and whose skill and determination enabled 'terra australis incognito' to become Australia."--Publisher description. Introduction --
1. A Time Traveller's Frame of Reference --
2. Dealing with Documents --
3. Dealing with Family Tradition --
4. What Every Schoolchild Used to Know --
5. Money --
6. The Value of Money: It's Not What it Used to Be --
7. Travel in the Past --
8. Trades and Their Tools --
9. Work Away From Home --
10. Family and Connections --
11. Home Sweet Home --
12. How We Lived Then --
13. Health in the Past --
14. Our Heritage --
15. Our VIP Heritage --
16. Our Seafaring and Military Heritage --
Appendix: Dates of Historical Events. Know your audience and purpose: the five Ws and more --
Develop and structure your presentation --
Create appropriate visual aids --
Make it memorable --
add pizzazz to the presentation --
Make sure the venue and environment work in your favor --
Stop --
review basic communication techniques --
Build in facilitation techniques to engage your audience --
Practice, practice, practice --
Pause and refresh --
relax, you'll do fine --
Deliver a flawless presentation --
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Para coro sin acompañamiento ; incluye reducción para piano (sólo para ensayo general).
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The fertility rejuvenation plan --
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