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Copycat TV : Globalisation, Program Formats and Cultural Identity book EPUB, DOC, PDF


Addressing both the scope and the significance of television program format transfer-the practice of using the basic idea of a program to produce a new version of that program-Copycat TV details this rapidly growing area of the international television distribution system., Television programme format transfer is the process whereby the basic idea or ingredient of a programme is used to produce a new version of the programme. While programme re-makes have occurred historically inside particular national television systems, the more interesting phenomenon of programme format transfer is the re-make of one programme inside the television industry of another nation. Although there has been some attention paid to this process, there has been no single study that systematically addresses both the scope and significance of this rapidly growing area of the international television distribution system.Copycat TVaims to fill that gap by offering a detailed understanding of the process of format transfer. The growth in format transfers has significance not only for markets but also the creation and re-creation of meanings among particular national audiences. The question of meaning and cultural identity is also addressed.Copycat TVwill be of interest to undergraduate students of media, broadcasting policy makers and media academics., This study addresses both the scope and significance of television programme format transfer as a rapidly-growing area of the international television distribution system. It offers a detailed understanding of the process of format transfer.

Copycat TV : Globalisation, Program Formats and Cultural Identity download PDF, FB2, MOBI

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