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Agnes Martin : [Tate Modern London, 3 - June 11 October 2015, etc.] by Frances Morris; Tiffany Bell; Marion Ackermann; Tate Modern (Galeria) Download book in DJV, RTF, AZW3, DOC, AZW

Author: Frances Morris; Tiffany Bell; Marion Ackermann; Tate Modern (Galeria)
Publisher: New York : D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers Inc., 2015.
ISBNISSN: 9781938922763, 193892276X
Notes: 271 p. : il., fot. ; 28 cm
Responsibility: Agnes Martin : [Tate Modern London, 3 - June 11 October 2015, etc.]
Edition: Print book : Essay : English
"A Tom Doherty Associates Book."--What happens to America when two geeks working from a garage invent easy 3D printing, a cure for obesity, and crowd-sourced theme parks? Lawsuits against Disney are only the beginning in this major novel of the booms, busts, and further booms in store for America in the age of open source and its hero/hacker culture. "Pages 1 to 40 and 81 to 120 ar unhindered views of the Commonwealth of Dominica ten years after Hurricane David"--Second preliminary page. Funny girl --
Sadie, Sadie --
I'm the greatest star --
I am woman, you are man --
You are woman, I am man --
Don't rain on my parade --
His love makes me beautiful --
People. Includes discussion questions. Foreword / John Humphrys --
The incomplete spectacle / Chris Townsend --
Forty years on / Melanie Doel --
The attraction of onlookers / Shimon Attie --
Poem by Gwyneth Lewis & Shimon Attie --
The photographs --
The video installation --
Enough, but --
Christopher Meredith. Introduction / Barbara Parisi --
Crazy eights / David Lindsay-Abaire --
Such a beautiful voice is Sayeda's ; Karima's city / Yussef El Guindi --
fin & euba / Audrey Cefaly --
The devil is in the details / Jill Elaine Hughes --
Arkadelphia / Samuel Brett Williams --
Charlie Blake's boat / Graeme Gillis --
Reading list / Susan Miller --
The news / Billy Aronson --
Heights / Amy Fox --
He came home one day while I was washing dishes / K. Biadaszkiewicz --
Letty on a bench / Jolene Goldenthal --
Erros--love is deaf / Cherie Vogelstein --
I'll do it tomorrow ... / Michael Roderick. Originally published in Buenos Aires, 2010. Conté: 1.1. Theban Necropolis. Private tombs ; 1.2. Theban Necropolis. Royal Tombs and smaller cemeteries ; 2. The Theban temples ; 3.1. Memphis. Abû Rawâsh to Abûsîr ; 3.2. Memphis. Saqqâra to Dahshûr. Six song accompaniments for drums, with vocal cues.
Examination pieces for Trinity College London rock and pop examinations 2012-2017.
CD contains performances, backing tracks and sample session skills. Revised edition of: Essentials of medical statistics / Betty R. Kirkwood. 1988. Title from resource description page (Recorded Books, viewed September 14, 2015). Funky drummer / James Brown --
Pencil full of lead / Paolo Nutini --
Run to the hills / Iron Maiden --
Scratch your name / The Noisettes --
Use somebody / Kings of Leon --
Won't get fooled again / The Who. Subtitle from cover.
Includes index. Reimpressions: 1994. Poems. An introduction to medical statistics, this book covers all the topics which a medical student or research worker is likely to encounter in routine work. It can be used for self-teaching, as a reference text and as a companion to basic courses in medical statistics. Contents:PrefacePART I: SETTING THE SCENE1. Mapping the Impact of Climate Change on International LawRosemary Rayfuse and Shirley V. ScottPART II: THE IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON SUBSTANTIVE REGIMES OF INTERNATIONAL LAW2. Climate Change and International Human Rights LawStephen Humphreys3. Climate Change and International Refugee LawAlice Edwards4. Climate Change and International Trade and Investment LawMarkus W. Gehring, Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger and Jarrod Hepburn5. Climate Change and International Environmental LawCatherine Redgwell6. Climate Change and the Law of the SeaRosemary Rayfuse7. Climate Change and Space LawFrancis Lyall8. Climate Change and International Humanitarian LawKaren Hulme9. Climate Change and the Law on the Use of ForceChristine GrayPART III: THE IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON INTERNATIONAL LEGAL PRINCIPLES AND PROCESSES10. Climate Change and StatehoodEmily Crawford and Rosemary Rayfuse11. Participation in Climate Change Governance and its Implications for International LawEllen Hey and Andria Naude Fourie12. Climate Change and Compliance and Enforcement ProcessesJutta Brunnee13. Climate Change and State ResponsibilityRene Lefeber14. Climate Change and Dispute Resolution ProcessesHari M. OsofskyIndex The reader is introduced to the techniques of oil painting. Songs from the film version of the musical; for voice and piano, with chord symbols. "The Smith family has always been a little bit different. Their food is usually burnt, homework is a foreign country that they prefer not to visit, and their house is full of strange and unusual things. Other children might collect stray animals, but Peter and Sally Smith bring home an old lady from the local shopping mall. Mr and Mrs Smith aren't quite sure she should stay, but Granny bustles past them and settles right in. Maybe she's just what they've been missing."--Provided by publisher. Formerly CIP.
Selections from Charles Buchan's 'Football Monthly' publications, 1951-73. Includes index. Using this book --
Defining the data --
Displaying the data --
Means, standard deviations and standard errors --
The normal distribution --
Confidence interval for a mean --
Comparison of two means : confidence intervals, hypothesis tests and P-values --
Using P-values and confidence intervals to interpret the results of statistical analyses --
Comparison of means from several groups : analysis of variance --
Linear regression and correlation --
Multiple regression --
Goodness of fit and regression diagnostics --
Transformations --
Probability, risk and odds (of disease) --
Proportions and the binomial distribution --
Comparing two proportions --
Chi-squared tests for 2 x 2 and larger contingency tables --
Controlling for confounding : stratification --
Logistic regression : comparing two or more exposure groups --
Logistic regression : controlling for confounding and other extensions --
Matched studies --
Longitudinal studies, rates and the Poisson distribution --
Comparing rates --
Poisson regression --
Standardization --
Survival analysis : displaying and comparing survival patterns --
Regression analysis of survival data --
Likelihood --
Regression modelling --
Relaxing model assumptions --
Analysis of clustered data --
Systematic reviews and meta-analysis --
Bayesian statistics --
Linking analysis to study design : summary of methods --
Calculation of required sample size --
Measurement error : assessment and implications --
Measures of association and impact --
Strategies for analysis --
Appendix : statistical tables.